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Monday, February 07, 2011

Welcome to Fixing America Political Talk

Here we will talk of the current political climate both domestic and abroad. I will from time to time put in discussions about what i would do if i was president or what i would like to see done by those currently in power. however i cant make any active effort to change things due to the required ages for the various political offices, so for now this will remain pure discussion. I invite others to put forth there own ideas and opinions, like any civil minded person i am open to new suggestions and points of view.


  1. OK to start this blog on the right foot I'm gonna leave a list of what id do to start the education system down a path that would make America a more intelligent nation, and bring it on par with other nations.

    1 ALL SCHOOLS will run 9am-5pm...just like mommy and daddy's job
    2 Mon-Sat, YES i said Sat...Give the Parents a Break
    3 After 4 WEEKS of this, ONE (1) WEEK off, (Government run daycare provided)
    4 Curriculum will consist of of knowledge that's is functional and usable and will start early and fast, ( Calc in 5th Grade, Chem in 6th)
    5 Special Needs for the "emotionality handy caped"(Bipolar, ADHD, Ect.) will be done away with.
    6 Collage WILL BE FREE.
    7 MANDATORY Patriot Classes, Computer Programing, Military style PT.
    8 Corporal Punishment reinstated.

  2. Just had a thought
    I should have defined what i mean by Patriot Classes... Classes that would cover things like the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as American History, Government structure.

  3. In regards to number 6
    I believe that in order to maintain scholastic superiority that collage should be mandatory and that any thing that is mandatory should not possibly cause you to go bankrupt or put you in debt for 40 years.

  4. Iv noticed i made the start of a pattern in my comments so i might as well finish it.

    In regards to number 5, i grew up with a "emotionality handicapped" brother so i am speaking from personal experience here. I saw him plod his way true school in self contained ESE classes never actually passing a grade because they would "administratively place" him into the next grade, he would throw fits in school over the stupidest stuff and get a warning or sent home early. he even once threw a desk out a window. Now you might think that this would qualitative him as insane, but i know that he is perfectly capable of normal human behavior, however hes so used to being treated special that he learned to take advantage of it. i would some time pass by his class on my way from one class to another and i saw others like him, all abusing this system. I propose that these students be placed into normal classes and be treated like any other student, but keep the true special needs kids where they are.

  5. pretty cool idea for a blog

    looking forward to future posts from you

  6. Sorry for the absence i have been rather sick lately and haven't been feeling well enough to post

    Any way back to Fixing America

    Ok so in regards to number 4. I personalty believe that America is a nation of educated minds that need to keep ahead of the learning curve if we are to remain a domonet world power, and in order for that to happen we need to adjust our curriculum. so to that effect i believe that schools should be teaching material at earlier grade levels so that all the basics are covered by the time of the 3rd grade. Starting at 4th grade new material will be introduced at a accelerated rate every grade with major test that are cumulative being required for passing from 1 year to the next, this may seem like a standardized test but it will be formated to have one of many topics that could be tested but not necessarily tested however no one year will have a test that is identical to the previous. By the time of high school classes like astro physics will be the norm, also as a side note all standardized testing will be abolished and average pay for teachers will rise by 25%

  7. interesting blog, I'm so into politcs, I'm following you

  8. This will help with my government class, except for the hard to read font

  9. great idea for a blog, but a few things.
    1.) different font. This one is a pain to read.
    2.) Orange-on-black can be straining on the eyes

    other than that though, im really excited to see what happens with this :) I'm following you, and added you to morning coffee

  10. First post in new font
    Next up in my pattern would be number 3, however it is linked directly to number 2 so i will bundle them together starting with number 2.

    Many over seas nations run school all year long and 7 days a week. i see the reason for this however the shear number of changes would put this in the realm of impossibleness for a feasible budget in the USA, so i am proposing a 6 day school week allowing Sundays off as that is the most widely used day for worship and i don't want to stop people from worshiping there god or gods. this 6 day cycle will go from 9 am to 5 pm just like a real world job would run in the students adult life and the reason for that should be clear but if it aint it is to prepare them for later in life. Now of course these are just kids were talking about and we cant rightly expect them to take such a mantle of responsibility so young in life and thus the 5 week cycle comes into play here. every 5th school week will be a off week in witch the students will go to government provided day care much like kids to young for school often go to, the only exception to this is high school were instead they will be expected to be mature enough to continue schooling with no break. Holidays will be limited to Christmas and thanks giving, in both cases the week prior to and the following 3 days after will be seen as holiday but in no case shall the total number of days off in a given year be more than 20 total allowing 10 days for each of the 2 holidays.

  11. Well Looks Like Ill Have to Compile a new list cause i covered number 1 as well in that last post,
    ill leave it to y'all to choose,
    Energy Reform or Border Policy?

  12. Ok so no one Voted, Border Policy it is.

    1 Southern Border Will Be Closed To All Vehicular And Foot Traffic (freight still accepted)
    2 ALL Illegals will be DEPORTED NO Exceptions!!!
    3 Imprisoned Illegals will be DEPORTED as well.
    4 ALL incoming Traffic WILL be throughly Inspected, X rays, Dogs And All.
    5 Businesses Owned or Staffed By Illegals will have HARSH penalty's Imposed
    6 Children Of Illegals Will Be Placed In Foster Homes Or Deported With The Parent (Parents Choice)
    7 Illegals Who Are Found Back In The USA After Being Deported Twice Shall Be Sent To Prison Work Camps For Set Periods.
    8 (Exception to 7) Illegals With Felony Records Or More Than 2 Misdirectors Shall be Sent To Prison Work Camps Upon Recapture(No 2ND Deportation)
    9 Ports And Air Shall Be subject to same restrictions and Land Borders.

  13. Ok in regards to number 1 When I say Closed i mean it, i would quadruple the law enforcement presence at the border, all traffic will be turned back with the only exception being freight by rail. Current road crossings will remain open but only for use by legal citizens of the united states, all other points of the border will be rigged with seismic and motion sensors every 50 foot, 5 electric fences placed 40 feet apart and 35 foot high, there will be 2 "dead zones" with in the fences were the ground will be mined also snipers will be placed in towers every 5 miles with 24 hour roving patrols with dogs in between towers. essentially the southern border will become a deadly no-mans land smiler to the borders of north and south Korea.

  14. Nice dude I like your idea for the border. I just don't understand why the government doesn't try to fix it up at least a little. Oh well it doesn't really matter because the Mexicans can just use their underground drug trafficking tunnels!!! LOLz

  15. Thats what the sismec sensors are for, if they get tripd then INS comes in with ground penetrating radar and traces the tunnel to the source, after witch they get thrown in work camps and shut down.

  16. In regards to number 2, I would have ALL illegal imagrents from ALL nations deported upon capture and to give the policy a start, i would have INS do employer citizenship verification by having them go to businesses and request positive citizen ship papers shown. After a period of 1 and a half years with this policy a 6 month period were 100 USD bounty would be awarded for turned in illegals.

  17. First off id like to apologize for my absence i have been rather busy the past week and half so onward

    In regards to number 3 the current prison population includes many illegal aliens that cost the federal government 300million a year, this alone is reason enough to deport them just so we don't have to pay for there housing, so after a period of 2 years once the majority of civilian illegal imagrents have been deported i would then start the deportation process of the imprisoned illegals weather they were release in there home country or imprisoned there it would not matter as long as they were deported.

  18. In regards to number 4 the boarder closing would restrict all traffic with the exception of freight by train and truck, those 2 sources of traffic are hardly scanned due to the large quantity of civilian traffic crossing the border, however with civilian traffic eliminated the same quantity of border guards will then be free and able to scan ALL incoming freight with a trisector of K9 unites for drugs, humans and other items, human inspection, and x-ray machine scans, this will be just one layer of new security. after passing the initial scans at the border further scans will be performed with heat signature scans and penetrating radar as well as gigar counters at a destination approximatively 5 miles down the road after witch point all border roads will then be connected to other roads.

  19. In regards to number 5, ALL businesses that staff illegal immigrants will have varying degrees of penalty imposed on them according to the following scale

    >10% illegal immigrants Fine of 40% of company's yearly gross income
    10%>30% illegal immigrants Fine of 60% of company's yearly gross income
    30%>50% illegal immigrants Fine of 95% of company's yearly gross income
    50%>75% illegal immigrants All profits for a period of 3 months are given instead to a medical research center for approved research projects
    75%>90% illegal immigrants All profits for a period of 9 months are given instead to a medical research center for approved research projects
    90%>100% Business seized by government and assets liquidated, owners and co-owners business licence revoked immanently and all future applications for business licences denied with out consideration